Supervised classes


Supervised Study is done by the students under the supervision of subject teachers or House Master. This study is also done after or before the regular academic hours.

Supervise Classes 6:30P.M. TO 7:30P.M.Boys                      (M P Hall)K K Kotnala   
 (M M Saklani)
V.PrincipalP S Bhandari          
 B K ShahP S Bhandari            B K ShahP S Bhandari        
(M M Saklani)
V.PrincipalB K Shah        
(M M Saklani)
V.PrincipalGirls                  (Mess)K Rawat                   Rani SharmaK Rawat                  Rani SharmaK Rawat                  Rani SharmaRani Sharma, Janki                                  (RPB)PrnicipalRani Sharma, Janki                                   (RPB)Principal